At Ancor Health Center, our mission is to provide the best medical care for your entire family. From birth to adulthood, our patients will each receive the same individual attention and care that we would provide to our own family. Ancor strives to maintain long team relationships with our patients in a caring, effective and cost effective practice. Our experienced, compassionate physicians, nurse practitioners and staff strive to meet the medical needs of those in our community and all of East Texas. Ancor does this by promoting health lifestyles, disease prevention and a commitment to excellence.

Our Values are as followed:

  • Ancor Health Center PA strives to exceed their patient’s expectations for value and convenience.
  • Ancor Health Center PA, provides excellent physicians, nurse practitioners and staff that are committed to providing a caring and supportive environment.
  • As a team, Ancor Health Center PA’s entire staff will maintain the highest standards by collaborating and sharing knowledge to benefit our communities and complete our mission.